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All the info to be communicated within reach qr code on your personal bracelet

How does it work

each MyInfo has a unique QR CODE.

1)Scan the QR CODE of your new MY INFO bracelet with your smartphone and record all the important iformation. (Name, surname, Telephone Numbers, Email, Health Iformation, Blood Group, allergies and any other relevant information).

2)You put it on your, your child’s or a loved one’s wrist.

3)In case of need or loss, anyone will be able to view all the necessary information, will have the contact details to contact you or alert those in charge, simply by scanning the QR CODE and cliccking the “call” button!


areas of use


If your child gets lost, anyone who finds him can scan the QR CODE and call you directly.


areas of use


When you do sports alone, it is a guarantee in case of illness. Any rescuer is able to know who you are and quickly contact your loved ones.
You may also become aware of data that is fundamental to your health,such as allergies to medicines, blood type and more generrally of all the information you choose to enter.


areas of use


An elderly person can easily find himself in difficulty and need help, without being able to communicate the most important information or contact details of his loved ones.
With MYINFO you will feel safer.


Ambiti di utilizzo


Quando fai sport da solo, è una garanzia in caso di malore. Qualsiasi soccorritore, è in grado di sapere chi sei e di contattare velocemente i tuoi cari.

Potrà inoltre venire a conoscenza di dati fondamentali per la tua salute, come ad esempio, allergie a medicinali, gruppo sanguigno e più in generale di tutte le info che scegli di inserire.

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